Why the Cloud Matters

There has been a significant amount of BUZZ about The Cloud as a strategic technology for all key enterprises.

Allow me to provide a lay-mans perspective on what the cloud means:

In the past few years, many new software programs have appeared and have help revolutionize business support functions. i.e. “Salesforce”, etc.

These programs launched the potential of the cloud as a new way to support business functions through SAAS, (software as a service).

I refer to this as WAVE ONE of cloud development.

Recently there has been much focus on the movement to the cloud which Amazon and Microsoft have been in the forefront of growth for their Cloud product lines. Most of this activity has been in converting legacy distributed systems to be cloud friendly. Add to this major conversion led by large software companies converting their clients to the cloud. i.e. ORACLE, SAP, etc.

The current attention to Cloud growth is fueled by this activity.

I refer to this as WAVE TWO of cloud development.

There is significant additional opportunity in WAVE ONE & WAVE TWO to continue to grow the cloud. Thus, the competitive situation is just heating up with Google and others mounting major pushes to catch up with Amazon and Microsoft.

There remains an until now neglected cloud opportunity that dwarfs both WAVE ONE & WAVE TWO. This opportunity is all the core legacy systems across industry and government. These systems are dominated by old programming languages that are out of vogue and have a quickly diminishing group of very old programmers who can program in these languages. Think of COBOL.

I refer to this as WAVE THREE of cloud development.

When one looks at the total cloud opportunity for all three waves of cloud applications the opportunity is enormous. Think of millions of lines of code that must be converted for WAVE TWO &THREE applications and you will be scratching the surface.

No one really knows how big the issue really is, but I have done some back of the napkin calculations and believe BILLIONS of lines of code is the right way to characterize this opportunity.

Suffice it to say that those that have the big cloud capabilities and those that are developing automated, machine learning applications, to convert legacy code to the cloud have a very bright future for many years.

I believe this is a generational opportunity for those capable in this arena.

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