Birth of PxCube







Approximately five years ago an International Bank client of LoBue Associates, Inc. was concerned about accessing data to support annual employee reviews and compensation. After several discussions LoBue Associates, Inc. defined the data sources required to bring production, service, and sales data together that coulbe used to assess employee performance. As the task would require establishing a data base and taking feeds from multiple systems at the client, LoBue Associates, Inc. engaged mLogica to assist in defining the technical requirements for development of an automated process for assessing performance.

Out of this early work came the concept of PxCube, a system that would gather daily inputs from necessary systems to provide daily, week to date, month to date and year to date data by employee. As the concept matured the outcome was a system that provided dash-boards for all employees from Tellers, to the Consumer Bank President.

KPI’s were developed for each employee and aggregates for managers at all levels. Each morning each employee could sign in to his/her dash-board and see yesterday’s production, and historical information against standards. For the first time ever, frontline employees could see and understand their performance. Branch managers had daily statistics for his branch to manage against. He/she could review his teams’ performance and identify items for attention.

The Human Resources Department could match actual productivity data against employee reviews to support review ratings and compensation actions.

Over the next two years refinements were made and a plan to develop a Cloud Based version of the system with improved graphics and plans for expanding KPI’s and adding a Mobile capability.

LoBue Group and mLogica formed a JV company, PxCube Holdings, LLC and advanced the system to provide both Cloud and Inhouse versions.

With the addition of support and business development capabilities at PxCube Holdings, LLC and continuing support from the JV partners a 2021 Business Launch Roadmap has been completed for January 2021 implementation.

The current PxCube library consists of over 400 KPI’s and several system links. Additionally, the data base capability has been upgraded to mLogicas’ Big Data platform CAP-M, which will facilitate adding social media and other outside data.

New/expanded use cases under development include:

  1. A Collaboration module that will facilitate tops down and bottoms up exchanges.
  2. Mobile capabilities
  3. Human Resources
  4. Base KPI development for new verticles.
  5. Product Management
  6. Sales
  7. Social Media