PxCube Business Value

PxCube is the first company-wide Performance Management Application for monitoring, measuring and improving workforce performance. Featuring standardized KPIs and robust Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities, PxCube captures and analyzes this data…Continue readingPxCube Business Value

Digital Economics Acceleration

Through the implementation of the recommended programs, the client was able to reduce manpower costs by over 15%, improve service quality, provide management with the required strategic information for decision…Continue readingDigital Economics Acceleration

Birth of PxCube

                        Approximately five years ago an International Bank client of LoBue Associates, Inc. was concerned about accessing data to…Continue readingBirth of PxCube

PxCube Technology

PxCube is the first organization wide information platform which measures activities at the person level. It provides dashboards for every employee of the enterprise and a collaboration tool for bottom to top and top to bottom communications. The hierarchical tool allows Line Management to view their department performance and functional rollups for Human Resources and Senior Management